The D.F.E. is an FC Dallas Supporter Group

What is the DFE?

Dallas Football Elite (The DFE) is in their 6th season as an official supporters group for FC Dallas. Currently with 120 members and counting the DFE is open to all who want to join. The DFE sits in “The Snake Pit” or section 101 on the west side of the stadium, providing the perfect location to heckle the opposing team, creating a hostile environment. The DFE is open to all ages and anyone who wants to STAND, CHANT, and HECKLE, in section 101!

The DFE partners with Stans Main Street in Frisco and Tupps Brewery. Before matches we pre-match/tailgate as a group before heading over to the Snake Pit.

Are you having too much fun at FC Dallas games? Do people look at you like you are too loud? Do you heckle too much? If so, we are the perfect fit! Section 101 provides the true soccer atmosphere. We are loud. We are proud. We love the game. We LOVE FC Dallas!




The Mission of the DFE

We, Dallas Football Elite, are dedicated and actively working to bring new and loyal fans to FC Dallas by creating a soccer atmosphere for the soccer fan. Our main goal is to make the Match Day environment more enjoyable and exciting for all FC Dallas fans that choose to participate with Dallas Football Elite, aka “DFE!”
This is accomplished by recruiting like-minded fans, pre-matching before matches, and creating an atmosphere that all sports fans – especially soccer fans – want to be a part of. We will sit behind the opposing team at FC Dallas stadium with the sole purpose being to heckle and remind them that they are on the road in a hostile environment.