DFE Old Guard




From the time the DFE started until now there has been many influential leaders and members that have helped to grow our group. We wanted to recognize them here for all their work and support in helping us to achieve our goal in creating an atmosphere where all are welcomed to come and support FC Dallas. When you see these guys, high five them and buy them a pint!

Aaron Wessner
Aaron Joined the group in 2012 and has served on the DFE council for 2 years. Aaron has been influential with organizing tailgates and helping the group in recruitment.

BJ Burruss
BJ Joined the group in 2012 and brought the famous Zigga Zagga chant to the DFE. BJ served two and half years on the council, and held DFE VP for 1 and half seasons.

Brandon Novara
Brandon has been with the DFE since the 2012 season. He was part of growing the group at the Londoner, Burger Girl, and then on to Espiritu. While he always supported our group he become an influential member in the 2014 season. He now sits on the DFE leadership.

Bryan Jones
Bryan joined the group in 2012 and would immediately help in recruitment and social media. Bryan served on the DFE council for 1 and a half seasons. Bryan was influential in gaining media attention to the group and organizing getting the ticket DJ’s out to the snake pit.

Charles Mitchell
Charles was a founding council leader and helped with the formation of the DFE in the early years. Charles went missing a few years back and we believe he lives in Mexico under the alias, El Chapo.

Chris Lankford
Chris is a DFE co Founder, and first VP. Chris helped in creating section rowdiness and encouraging others to join in with heckling.

Dustin Parrish
Dustin is a DFE co Founder, and served as VP. Dustin helped with recruitment, tailgate organization, and hitting on all single girls.

Jon Kirchhoff
Jon was the second DFE member to ever join the group. He is also highly associated with the naming of section 103 the Snake Pit.

Marc Stern
Marc was with the group on day one and rejoined us in 2013. Marc has helped with the introduction of the smoke machines, and helped us to create our first ever supporter scarf. Marc has served for a year and half on the DFE council.

Phil Crone
Phil served for two years on the DFE Council before being elected the 2nd President of the DFE. Phil will be the DFE president in 2016.

opening day, fc dallas (8 of 45)
Ruben Rubio
Ruben was the very first ever DFE member and is the longest season ticket holder in the section. Regardless of where the group has been, Ruben has always been energetic to carry on the movement.

Sam Williams
Sam has been with the group since 2013. There was never an event that Sam wasn’t at. If Sam happened to missed everyone knew immediately. He was everyone’s friend and was always willing to help with anything requested.

dfe sam
Sean Dorwaldt
Founder of the DFE, president for 3 and half seasons, and will be the DFE VP in 2016.

Steve Heller
Helped to co-found the DFE in our inaugural season.

Theo Hone
President for the 2015 season and 3 year council leader. Theo has been an amazing asset to the group through supporter group relations and social media relations. He will serve as group external VP for 2016.

Peter Tanguy
Peter is a 2 year member who has been the definition of DFE from day 1. He is also the first ever voted DFE Old Guard member. Peter always supports the DFE and the DFE will forever support Peter.