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The DFE has had the privilege to partner with many great businesses over the past 5 years as an FC Dallas supporters group. It is extremely important to us that we maintain membership benefits in our group. Our sponsors help us to achieve this goal while in return we provide them with publicity through the mass advertisement we do weekly.

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The DFE is dedicated to growing our ranks and as we move into section 101 next year we are excited about the possibilities of growing our section. In 2016 our section will have general admission availability to help us grow, along with a beer stand located in it. Never has the snake pit been so great! We are excited about the possible growth in our section to help us in our partnership with other supporter groups to provide a hostile environment to away clubs. We look forward to partnering with new sponsors who want to be apart of what we are building in 2016!

If you are interested in sponsoring the DFE next season please email us: Email Here

We will have many options on how you can be a DFE sponsor! While some businesses will want to purchase the 2016 shirt, or the 2016 scarf, other businesses may be interested in single match shirts, kegs for tailgates, private event parties, etc. Whatever it is, we look forward to working with you!

We are always grateful for the relationships and help we received from our sponsors!

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