The DFE started in the 2010 season unofficially as a tailgating group. The group tailgated on the west side of the stadium before home matches.

Club outcome: FC Dallas advanced to MLS cup, and lost to the Colorado Rapids 2-1 in extra time.


After meetings with the front office the DFE became an official supporters group on Feb. 15th 2011.
The DFE claim section 103 in the stadium as their home section. Sitting behind the away bench allows the group to focus on the away side, making it difficult for them to warm up and focus on the match. The DFE used streamers and drums in the section.

The DFE partner with the Frisco Londoner as their official pub. Pre-matches are mostly tailgates and Londoner visits. The DFE would incorporate the DFE freedom warrior. Steve Robbins, would dress up as Mel Gibson from Braveheart and lead the charge from the tailgates. The Freedom warrior was huge asset to the group and atmosphere.

President- Sean Dorwaldt

VP- Chris Lankford

Council- Dustin Parrish, Steve Robbins, Charles Mitchell, Matthew Carothers, and Steve Heller.

In the DFE’s first season they were 1 of 4 supporter groups. The other groups were the Inferno, El Matador, and College Army.

Club outcome: FC Dallas saw their 2011 season come to an end when they lost to the New York Red Bulls in a wild-card playoff match.

The DFE join North End United, a Union of supporter groups for FC Dallas. DFE member, Mike Miller designs the NEU Crest, and new DFE 103 logo. The DFE officially designate their style of support as a heckling supporters group. The DFE decide not to use drums in the section anymore, and start to tailgate on the South East side of the stadium with the other groups in North End United. The DFE start DFE Beer Garden a section of the group so they can remain DFE but participate in the beer garden. Midway through the season, in efforts to kick start more group participation with pre-matches, the DFE re-partnered with the Frisco Londoner and move all pre-matches to the Frisco Londoner. DFE disband DFE beer garden, and make section 103 the only section of the DFE.

President: Sean Dorwaldt

VP: Dustin Parrish

Council: BJ Burruss, Bryan Jones, and Charles Mitchell.

Other Support Groups: Dallas Beer Guardians, Red Shamrock, El Matador, Inferno

Club outcome: The team finished the 2012 season with a record of 9-13-12 (39 points) and missed out on playoffs.

The DFE rename section 103, into the Snake Pit, after members Jon Kirchhoff and Kevin Adams heckle an away side by telling them if they warm up in front of the Snake Pit they are gonna get bit! The DFE join the Independent supporters council. A council of supporter groups throughout the United States and Canada. The DFE would implement flags and 1 smoke machine into the section. The section atmosphere and the addition of club 96 beer prices would help to double the membership in the DFE. The DFE would pre-match at the Frisco Londoner for the majority of the season. Thanks to Marc Stern, the DFE would launch their first supporter scarf.
President: Sean Dorwaldt

VP: BJ Burrus

Council: Bryan Jones, Aaron Wessner.

The DFE would later add Phil Crone, Jordan Whiddon, and Julianna Jackson to the council.
Other Support Groups: Dallas Beer Guardians, Red Shamrock, El Matador, Inferno, Section 117

Club outcome: The 2013 team started well, going 8-2-3 in its first 13 matches of the season before finishing the season with an 11-12-11 (44 points) record and missing playoffs for the second consecutive season. Upon the conclusion of the 2013 season, Schellas Hyndman resigned as Coach of FC Dallas.

2014 –
would start the season with huge DFE kickoff party at Burger Girl Frisco. The DFE would implement the first two DFE party bus pre match events, where the group would pre-match and post match at the Irish Rover Frisco, and take a bus to and from the match. Section 103 was turned into a RED VIP section, so prices would go up drastically. While taking a hit in membership due to price increases the DFE would rebound and hit a record 130 season ticket holders. The DFE would add more flags, and 2 smoke machines to the section. The DFE would reincorporate tailgates on the west side of the stadium in the original DFE tailgate spot from the first year.  Thanks to Doug and Jenny Chisolm, the DFE would see the addition of our new section leader, Wilbur! Wilbur the DFE Gremlin has become a huge asset to the group and atmosphere.
Season Start-

President: Sean Dorwaldt

VP: BJ Burrus

Council: Marc Stern, Jordan Whiddon, Aaron Wessner, Julianna Jackson

The DFE would hold their first ever Presidential election. Phil Crone would win the election with 75% of the vote. In the VP election, Theo Hone would win the election with 61% of the vote.
New Council:

President: Phil Crone

VP: Theo Hone

Council: Jordan Whiddon, Marc Stern, Aaron Wessner, Sean Dorwaldt (Council still being formed)
Other Supporter Groups: Dallas Beer Guardians, Red Shamrock, El Matador, Lone Star Legion, Section 117

Club outcome: FC Dallas opened the Oscar Pareja era and the 2014 season with a 3-2 victory against the Montreal Impact in front of 18,011 fans at Toyota Stadium on March 8, 2014 (Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez and Mauro Diaz scored for FC Dallas). FC Dallas will go on to play Seattle in the Western Conference semi finals. They would draw in both matches but lose on the away goal. The entrance of our unofficial mascot, Wilbur the DFE Gremlin would arrive on the scene!


President – Theo Hone

VP – Phil Crone

VP – Sean Dorwaldt

Council: Doug Chisholm, Jenny Chisholm, Sarah Foxworthy, Franklin Foxworth, Evan Atkinson, and Ben Crewe.

2015 would prove to be an amazing season for FC Dallas. Behind Fabian Castillo, Mauro Diaz, and David Texeira, FC Dallas would win the Western Conference and advance to the Western Conference final vs. Portland.

2016 –

President- Phil Crone

VP – Sean Dorwaldt

VP- Theo Hone

Council: Brandon Novara, Evan Atkinson, Ben Crewe, Vicki Baughman, Jordan Whiddon, Chirag Gandhi