President’s Message


Thank you for your interest in joining the DFE. You may be thinking that like typical soccer (or football, if you prefer) supporters groups, we are a bunch of insane fans who have banded together to support the team since the Dallas Burn’s days in the Cotton Bowl. While a few of us may take more than just vitamins in the morning and some of us can name the starting 11 from the inaugural 1996 season, the beauty of the group is that it includes all. 

For example, I became interested in soccer in 2012 thanks to food poisoning in Las Vegas and subsequent confinement to my hotel room. The football, baseball and basketball that I grew up playing and watching were nowhere to be found on the dial. A few months later, I went to my first FC Dallas match and sat with the DFE. I was instantly hooked! Everyone was so welcoming and the matches were exciting, even if the team was terrible that year. 

Fast forward to today and here we are in our own Section 101, watching the most exciting young team in the league, chanting, singing, and cheering our team to victory. Some of my best friends came from being a part of this group and I bet you’ll have the same experience. Come as you are (unless it’s full kit Liverpool wanker when Gerrard visits on his LA Galaxy farewell tour) and we will welcome you with open arms! 

-Phil Crone